Blog Review

photoPrior to me starting this blog, I had a similar blog on Tumblr, where I would post pictures and gifs of music I liked and sometimes write reviews of the concerts I attended. I started that blog because I thought it would be fun to describe shows, because during every show I go to, I think like crazy. I think like crazy even when I’m not watching live music, but my thoughts are more interesting and put together when I talk about music. With all these videos I took and the experiences I wanted to share with people, I thought a blog would be the way to express that. When I learned that I was going to be required to start a blog for my Fundamentals of Digital Online Media class, I was pretty excited. At first, I had thought of branching out and doing it on a different topic. He kept saying to do it on something that we could talk a lot about, which meant that I kept coming back to music. Trust me, I tried to escape it. I thought about doing it on astro-photography, but I don’t do that as much as I go to concerts. I thought about yoga, but other than music, every blog was been done over yoga.

So I had no difficulty in staying dedicated to this blog. The only times I did struggle a little to post was those (very sad) dry spells I would go through when there weren’t any concerts I was going to or when I didn’t want to spend money on a band I didn’t really know. That’s something I want to improve on, going to more unknown band/artist shows. They are cheap since you really only need to pay a cover to get in and there are a lot of really talented unknown musicians in town.

I tend to take a lot of videos at concerts, which lead to a lot of the “do you even dance at the concerts you go to” questions. I take a lot of videos and pictures because I want to be able to relive the moment later when I’m scrolling through my Instagram or even my photo library. It’s a nice reminder of the feelings I had at that exact moment. Plus, my videos are usually really short because I struggle with wanting to capture the moment and wanting to live in it and dance my little heart out. I feel like my pictures and gifs made my reviews on this blog come more alive and gave the reader a look into what I was talking about. I don’t think that linking it to Twitter was that helpful. I only have 11 followers on there and to be honest, I’m not much of twitter person. I think I am going to start promoting my blog on my Instagram more since I already post pictures of the concerts on there.

My stats were pretty much what I expected them to be. Most of my views happen on the weeks that I post, which would be expected. I did like that people were clicking on my links because I want to help get those unknown bands out to the public. 

My most popular post of the year was the Introduction post with a massive 7 views. It was probably the most popular because starting out, all the classmates were probably trying to get a feel of what everyone else was doing. My most popular week was the week of October 5. I had 13 views that week and that was the weekend after ACL so that probably contributed to my sudden popularity.

All in all, I’ve had a lot of fun running this blog and its made me open my horizons to experimenting with new things like interviewing and editing videos. I have learned a lot this semester and I hope as I continue towards my degree I learn even more ways I can improve on my digital media skills.


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