The Water Re-birth of Madmartigan

Taken from Madmartigan's Facebook
Taken from Madmartigan’s Facebook

Saturday night, I was honored with the pleasure of seeing not only gay men slay on the dance floor at a wedding but also a not-so-new but very much improved Marmartigan. You know, that band I write about in almost every other post. Don’t get me wrong, I always enjoy seeing the band perform, but something about this performance at the great  80’s-punk-rock venue Hole in the Wall was something special. Almost magical, almost Dax-Sheperd-riding-on-a-turtle-through-a-nebula magical.

The sound was, excuse my conformity, on point. The singer’s vocals were clear and understandable. You could make out the often unappreciated but deep and witty lyrics. The guitars and drums were at a satisfying level. Loud enough to head bang and rock out to, but limited as to not overpower Eric’s soft vocals. Well, soft at some points, and straight up impressive at others.

Being a witness in this world of local bands that go unrecognized I have learned to appreciate the small moments. If you were to ask the band how the show went, you’ll get responses such as, “Eh, we were all pretty fucked up.” As well as a simple, “It was alright.” It’s amazing in life how there is always two sides to every story. Never just one perspective. Art is created to provoke people’s minds, to make them think and come up with a conclusion on their own. There’s the way you do something and then there’s the way that that action is perceived. For me, this was the greatest performance I have seen from them and I swear I only had one beer.

Taken from Madmartigan’s Facebook

They played some old songs, that I know by heart now, but a lot of the show consisted of new material. One song was completely instrumental. It was a great juxtaposition to the venue, I thought. The wall was covered in band stickers and a sprayed painting of an open-mouthed Janis Joplin, you could almost hear her raspy lullaby of a voice through the wall. The walls yearned for screams and inappropriate lyrics against the old generation. But Madmartigan refused to give them the satisfaction. The absence of lyrics in Madmartigan’s newest creation offered a step into the world of musicianship. It gave me a glimpse into their band practice, into the studio, or even into Jon’s (the drummer) living room.  I could see the intensity and passion in all of their eyes. More than that I could see the excitement, the frustration, the doubt, the desire, and the hard work that goes into producing new music.

The band showed us the reason why they stick at it. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it a hundred times more. Madmartigan is a band to dive into. Don’t let the fog of alternative/pop-punk nonsense fool you, this band is much more than that. (Not saying anything is wrong with that. I’d follow Paramore into that fog any day). I’m just saying that this band has a lot to offer and after Saturday night I am very optimistic for the future and can barely hold my excitement for the new album.

No set date on said album yet, but hopefully sometime this year.

Til next show,

Rock on.

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