the joy formidable

The Day Music Saved Me

the joy formidable


Tuesday night was a wonderful dive back into the always consuming world of music. I was back at it with the rock music and I didn’t want the night to come to a reality-crashing end. Luckily, even after the music stopped, the fog cleared, and the smell of weed and booze left the air, I was still feeling pretty amazing.

I owe a big thanks to The Joy Formidable and The Helio Sequence for getting me my groove back. I bought tickets to see The Joy Formidable a while back, knowing that my then-boyfriend liked them. I listened to The Joy Formidable on account of wanting to listen to the music he liked, and I was very impressed with their true to rock sound and their long instrumental parts. Anyways, I planned on going with him to this concert, but you know, life happens, and things don’t last. I debated selling the tickets but thought, “What the hell.” I like rock music, I like live music, I like the outdoors. Put them all together and you got yourself a great night with The Joy Formidable.

I took my sister instead, and it turned out to be a great decision. We talked about our life problems but once the music came on, we were able to forget them all and be hypnotized by the tranquility and healing magic of music.

The opening band was a pleasant surprise. I wasn’t planning on arriving in time to see them, but I am very glad that we did. They are called The Helio Sequence and they hail from Portland, Oregon. They were the best band that could have pulled me out of the funk that I’ve been in lately. Especially with their song appropriately called, Lately Man, I forgot how much concerts and watching live music means to me. I mean, I know that I have a blog about my experience at concerts, but for the past few days I kept wondering what in life makes me happy? Is it spending time with friends? Going out and taking a walk or sitting by the lake? Is it a boy? Yes, all those things make a part of me happy at certain times and when they are right. Friends are busy, or move away. It could be a rainy day. Relationships end. The only thing that stays consist in my life is the effect that music has on me. The way a song can know exactly what I’m feeling at any given moment and how the right song can pull me out of sadness.

the helio sequence

The moment I heard The Helio Sequence, the strange healing power of music went into full effect. Their sound was perfect for what I needed at this time of my life. They sound sad, but they aren’t. They have this groovy, soothing, psychedelic feel. Similar to Glass Animals. Where the Glass Animals are dripping-goo-groovy, The Helio Sequence are more psychedelic-smokey-groovy. The atmosphere of the bar, with the trees and the string lights matched perfectly with their sound. I felt like I wasn’t in Austin anymore. I felt like I wasn’t pinning over a guy who didn’t care anymore, I was happy and I felt like the beauty of the world was coming back to me. The Helio Sequence brought the beauty back to me and got rid of the stress I was feeling, the sadness I had been harboring, and they took away the dead-end feeling of not knowing where to go from here. The Helio Sequence, comprised of only two talented men, captivated me with their gentle rock songs and their instrumental lullabies.

The Joy Formidable continued that effect and reminded me how much I like to dance at concerts. I like to move and feel the music move me. I head-banged and hip-twisted to their pure rock sound. Man, The Joy Formidable are sadly too unappreciated for their own good. They are worthy enough to be up there with The Foo Fighters, Muse, Green Day. They are modern day rock legends! Their music oozes brilliance with their amazing instrumental parts. I would go and watch a whole hour show of them just rocking out and slaying on their guitars. The drummer was out of sight, but just by hearing him, I could feel his talent. They played fast, and long and it was pure joy.

I know this post is becoming more of a “dear diary” entry than a music review, but it’s so important to remind ourselves of what truly makes us happy in life. I was so unhappy for a long time and trying to convince yourself that you are happy won’t work. It sucks that it takes something heart-breaking to realize that you deserve more in life and that only you can control your own happiness, but unfortunately I guess that’s life. I am truly grateful for the people I have in my life. Everyone I have met has touched my life in some sort of way. I don’t regret anything in life, except maybe foolishly thinking I could walk 4 miles in flats because now I have “pump bump” (it’s a real thing, look it up) and I miss wearing my vans. I can’t wear anything but backless shoes. But even in that I can find a way to laugh at myself. I told myself at the time that no pain was as bad as the pain in my heart. I might be a bit dramatic, I might be a little too shy, I might not be enough for everyone but in life no one is ever going to be “enough.” That’s why I have music to keep me company. Music is always and will always be my medicine, my drug of choice, my happiness, and my one true love.

Til next show,

Rock on.


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