ACL Artist Spotlight: Flume

Hey guys! Man, it’s been a very long and eventful time since I last typed that on here. How have you been? Me, you know, just going through an early quarter life crisis but I’ve learned a lot about myself over the past few months. I’ve read a lot of books and articles, listened to a lot of music, and experienced a lot of what life has to offer.

But enough about boring old me. Let’s talk music! I am going to Austin City Limits again this year, but only for one day. I thought I would talk about the artist that made me decided to spend my money on this incredible, yet somewhat disappointing festival again. FLUME!


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I first discovered Flume with his remix of  “You & Me” originally by Disclosure. I think. I’ve been obsessed with Flume for some time now, it’s hard to remember the exact song that drew me in. Or maybe it was “Insane” hmm… Oh well, the point is that he captured my attention and my ears and I am forever grateful. If you don’t know who Flume is, those two songs are a great introduction to his music style. I am intoxicated with the way he sounds so uniquely his own. He uses ridiculous mechanical sounds, in a good way, that transform his music into robots you can see dancing. Or almost like you can see the sound waves because his music is a visual experience. Every drum beat and drop is filled with emotion that it makes it possible to see. I promise, I did not take a pill with a smiley face or place a weird little sticker on my tongue before I started writing this review. That’s just the power of music. It’s its own drug. It takes its listeners for a ride and distorts reality but only for a short 4 minutes, 8 if you are lucky. And then it safely returns you to your room, or car, or that nice spot under that tree.


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recently released a new album called Skin. It is a deeper look into the mind of a genius. I love how you can still hear the uniqueness that is Flume. He brought in more singers for this album, and some of his songs are even getting some air time. (Which I’m happy for, I guess.) I will tell you that I honestly didn’t listen to it straight through. It’s a good album, but it’s missing that flow from one song to the next. There is one song on the album that I always skip when it comes up, but that may be my personal preference since it is a rap song. Sorry. The album starts off with an instrumental intro. It’s amazing. It’s classic Flume, with the heavy emphasis on every single beat and you can feel the emotion as the song builds up in sound. Next, we get four songs with vocals. Two of which are now playing on the radio. The vocals are great and the production is perfection. The fifth song is another instrumental-only song. It’s a nice break from the vocals. It starts off with a very in-your-face intro. The next song is a little half-assed in my opinion. It’s less than a minute long and it’s almost like he put it in there just because he had nothing else. A continuous “yeah” is heard throughout the song. It is a nice insight into a different, softer side to Flume, which I’ll give him that. “When Everything was New” is a great chill song that you can play when you want to relax and maybe shed a tear. It’s “natural sound” of people talking and what sounds like someone typing, makes it so interesting.   He fluctuates a little with the flow throughout the album. The initial sound is present in most songs, however, that piece it together. The last song on the album is my favorite. It features Beck and its a great feel good song to end on.

I watched the live stream of Flume at Coachella 2016 and I was having a euphoric experience in my living room. It made it inevitable that I was going to see him on his tour one way or another. I hoped, prayed, and wished on eyelashes that he would play at EDC, but unfortunately he didn’t. EDC 2016 is a great story, for a different post, stay tuned! W

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hen I found out he was playing at ACL, I knew I had to go!


I am extremely excited to see him, even though I’d hope I would get my own venue show with him. Festivals, especially festivals like ACL, where people go just to go, verses going because you truly love the artist, are less intimate. I’ll get over it, because I’ll be in the front, I’ll find a way! Pictures and videos and a review from that show will come at you in October!

Til then,

Rock on.

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