Home of the Brave and the Beer

                  Bathroom wall @ Beerland

Home of the brave and the beer? Beerland, of course. Located nicely on 7th and Red River in Austin, TX, this show at Beerland gave me a nice excuse to head downtown. I haven’t been downtown in so long; I missed the smelly, dark streets of 6th and beyond. It’s feels like I’m back home, since I started my bar hoping days on 6th street.

The show consisted of three rock bands and a “different” kind of band. The venue was really interesting, it was a lot of open space with that punk venue feel. MaIMG_3608ybe I just really want to go back and live in the punk era, but a lot of the venues I go to give me that feeling. There were old-school arcade games like Pac-Man and whatever the guy in the picture is playing. I especially liked the “Bate’s Motel” sign above him, that’s why I took the picture, he just photobombed it. But I like it because if he wasn’t playing it, then you wouldn’t be able to know if the games worked or not.

Kicking off the night was Oro Cassini, a young rock band with a STRONG sound. I was blown away with the talent bleeding from this band’s amps. The lead singer had a good voice but the main focus was his guitar skills! I haven’t heard guitar playing like that from a local band in a while. Every song, I would get

Courtesy of Oro Cassini's Facebook
Courtesy of Oro Cassini’s Facebook

trapped inside this man’s guitar and I did not mind. His abilities were Gary Clark Jr., maybe even (gasp) Jimi Hendrix, worthy. Although it was a very different sound, his talent was similar. I’m really upset I didn’t take any videos of them because, unfortunately, I can’t find any online. You can get a taste of them on their Soundcloud, though, so definitely be sure to check that out. They describe themselves as “progressive” and “experimental” rock. I can see that experimental element in their sound. They sound like a pretty heavy rock band with influences from the metal genre but the singer’s voice stood out like a sore thumb against the music, and it wasn’t a bad thing. It added a nice surprise to the band’s sound.

Following them was Another De Sade, I’ve reviewed them before. Nothing too different other than the lead singer didn’t annoy me too much this time.

The next band was really impressive. They call themselves Malandros and they are natives to the Austin band scene. Now, this is the

Courtesy of Malandros' Facebook
Courtesy of Malandros’ Facebook

“different” sounding band, their words, not mine. They did provide a break from the emo-rock mood of the night. What popped into my mind as they played was Roony. Remember Roony? The guy from The Princess Dairies!  When did your heart go missing, I treat you like a princess, but your life is just one big mess. Their sound was a mixture of that band and also some Vampire Weekend. The essence of their band was different too. They had the feel of a retro/hipster, but not the hipster with the hats, and fake glasses kind, band. No, they had this cool 50’s vibe to them and it was working for me. It was working for a lot of other people too, because this band drew in the biggest crowd. They even had their very own groupie: a sickly-skinny guy dancing right in front of the stage. After a while I wanted to go join him, the band was slap-a-record-label-on-them-already worthy. Not that having a record label makes you any better of musicians than those without, but it’s about time some good, talented local bands got noticed for their creations. The guitar riffs were rock inspired yet, like the band itself, with a twist. They filled the adjusting times with short covers of other songs. They were just a feel good band with some bad ass music. Be sure to check out this band on their Facebook and Bandcamp

The band that ended a great musical filled night was my favorite, Madmartigan, which I reviewed in a previous post. It was fun getting to hear and fall in love with new sounds, and also to jam along with some familiars.

Til next show!


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